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Culinary Buds 1/4 lb

Culinary Buds 1/4 lb


Culinary Buds - 1/4 lb. The culinary lavender cultivar we love best is called Folgate. Folgate is part of the Lavandula angustifolia species which all have a lower camphor content than other hybrid lavenders, making them sweeter to the taste.

  • Uses

    We use it in well… a lot! Tea, baked goods, lemonade, grilled fish, scrambled eggs, homemade fruit preserves and my favorite, a fabulous lavender margarita created by an amazing mixologist, Alan’s son, Tyler.


    We also make lavender salt and lavender sugar to keep on hand.You can use the buds whole or grind them to a fine powder, either way, use them sparingly as they’re packed with flavor!


    We’ve used them for weddings as gift sachets and had bowls filled with buds for guests to toss at the happy couple instead of rice.


    One of my favorite ways to use them however is simply having buds sitting out in a pretty bowl. Because of the oil they retain, you can give them a squeeze whenever you walk by and a gorgeous aroma will fill the room with fragrance.

  • Culinary Lavender Tip

    Lavender buds are very light weight. A half pound will tightly fill a gallon size ziplock bag.


    Lavender buds are available in these sizes:

    ¼ lb $ 13.00
    ½ lb $ 24.00
    1 lb $ 45.00
    2 lbs $ 85.00


    For discounted larger quantities, please get in touch. 


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