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en·liv·en  v. "give life or spirit to”.  To make vigorous or active, invigorate.  Animate, vivify, quicken, uplift, vitalize, restore, revive, rejuvenate, re-energize.


The Backstory

In 2014, a year before lavender was even an idea in my husband's mind, I had a dream. An actual, very lucid dream in which I was shown the transformative energy of Azeztulite crystals. In my dream a tall, handsome young man stood in front of me with his palms up, holding two smooth, white opalescent discs the size of this hands. There was a telepathic inquiring about whether I'd like to experience them to which I readily agreed. I closed my eyes and he stepped toward me, reaching his arms around me and placing the stones against my lower back. I immediately fell into a truly indescribable flood of the deepest love and acceptance and joy and peace; it was unlike anything I’ve felt before or since. It was truly heaven.


Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite

I don't know how long I was in this state, but on awakening I was very curious to know who this person was and what those stones were! Walking past a bookshelf I noticed the "Book Of Stones” by Robert Simmons and thought perhaps I could find something similar to the stones in my dream. As I sat the book down on a nearby table, it literally fell open to a chapter called "Azeztulite Awakening". Astonished tears of joy began to flow as I read and deeply understood that I had experienced the Azez and the amazing power of Azeztulite.


While I’ve always had some facility with channeling, immediately after the dream it expanded into new realms and in the days and months that followed I began to receive messages directly from the Azez themselves. Naturally I wanted to get my hands on some Azeztulite as soon as possible, however I was told to be patient as things unfolded and that the stones would "come to me".


Synchronicities started to happen in rapid succession; the first being that some Azeztulite did literally arrive at my doorstep through a friend who had just returned from the Tucson Gem Show. Working with this first stone opened my mind and body to being able to feel the energies coming not only from the Azeztulite, but also from many other stones already in my possession.


A year later, in October of 2015 at the beginning of our forward lean into becoming lavender farmers, the words "Enlivened Lavender" came through to me very clearly during a meditation transmission. Although I wasn’t yet sure what Enlivened Lavender meant, I was given to understand that acquiring more Azeztulite for placement around the fields was the first step. I looked at the stones on the Heaven and Earth website and saw that the Azeztulite Azozeo labyrinth stones were available. I began looking at the smaller sized stones since they were what I could afford at the time. The Satyaloka Clear and Himalayan Gold both felt like what was wanted.


I sent an email to Robert Simmons explaining our decision to become lavender farmers and the guidance for enlivening. I asked if he would consider a discounted price on an order of 20 to 30 stones. Robert wrote back immediately saying he loved the idea of Enlivened Lavender and doing alchemy with the stones and soil.

Several days later I received a message from a team member at Heaven and Earth who asked me to let her know how many of which stones I required as Robert (who lives in New Zealand) happened to be in Vermont and wanted to choose the stones personally. At this point the synchronicities and magic unfolding were undeniable and helped quiet my ever-questioning mind. In meditation I asked for the number of Azeztulite stones and was given 18 total; nine Satyaloka Clear & nine Himalaya Gold.


When I returned the call and “happened” to get Robert on the phone, we had a wonderful chat about the Azez and what I hoped to achieve at Running Springs. He confirmed that he wanted to personally choose the stones and that they would be grapefruit to cantaloupe size - an incredibly generous gift for the amount of money I had to spend!

I received the Azeztulite crystals in late January of 2016. They arrived in two large nondescript plastic buckets - one containing the Satyaloka Clear and one containing the Himalaya Golds. The buckets were so heavy I couldn’t lift them and the energy they were emitting was palpable even before I opened them. I was more than a bit awestruck as these were the most tangibly vibrating stones I’d ever encountered. The energy was so indescribably high that it was difficult to focus and stay grounded.


That night I placed the stones around the inside of the house hoping to be able to adjust to their vibration quickly. I woke up the next morning with no recollection of what had transpired during the night, but I felt slightly disoriented and the atmosphere was decidedly “soupy” so with that I decided it best to move the Azeztulite outside on the deck overlooking the future lavender fields.

The stones stayed there for most of the day but as evening approached I was guided to put them on the ground, in contact with the earth. Not wanting to distribute them yet as the fields hadn’t been tilled, I arranged all 18 stones into the shape of a large heart. Sitting in the center you had a very obvious feeling of heightened frequencies of love and peace and joy.


I received this transmission:

“We are present with thee and as thou can feel, are making allowed adjustments so our vibrational fields may merge. Thank you for receiving Our gift of Love. The stones sent to you are quite powerful and will enliven not only the lavender, but other plants and humans as well. All stones will not necessarily be placed permanently. Some may move from one position to another - please be aware of guidance on this. The Devas are joyfully in awe and wish you to know of their deep gratitude for delivering them here. They eagerly await further developments.

As to placement: meditate inside the heart shape holding a diagram of both the lavender fields as well as the house and barn as some may find their way there. This method will allow you to see more easily the sacred geometric shapes that are most desirable.”

In the Spring of 2016 we plowed four acres of our land and with the loving help of amazing friends and family planted 10,000 lavender plants of several different cultivars. I placed the 18 large pieces of Azeztulite in various spots in the fields while listening as closely as I could to guidance about where they should go.

Spring 2017: Having been told by experienced lavender farmers that it would be two to three years before the plants would be large enough to harvest, we were completely taken off guard when in the Spring of 2017 we had a very lush four acres of plants that were ready to go! So we harvested. We hung lavender to dry for use in bundles and cooking and we distilled essential oil and hydrosol mist.

My work with the Azez continued as I constantly sought further guidance. I was told that it was important to place the crystals around the still during distillation as well as keeping several with the bottled oil, hydrosol and culinary buds in storage. The enlivening process continues right up until the time the products are packaged for shipping.

Spring 2018, Harvest & Distillation: We took samples from every batch of essential oil and had them all lab tested. The results were better than we could've imagined.

In an assessment from a highly experienced aromatherapist working at Eden Botanicals at the time:

      "...your Royal Velvet (cultivar) contains the most linalool in our collection, with a broader spread between linalool to linalyl acetate and very low camphor. Linalool is an important calming and antimicrobial monoterpene alcohol and a central molecule in natural perfumery. 

     Your Grosso (cultivar) has a very high camphor content that I find extremely useful in aromatherapy. Camphor is very important in wound healing, pain relief and clearing mucous from the lungs."

In fact, on the comparison testing document she provided, when compared to testing done on lavender essential oils from Oregon, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain, ours was the highest.


Everyone, people with years of lavender experience and people who can barely identify the smell, are enamored with this oil and here's why; the lavender and hence its essential oil and hydrosol, are truly enlivened and this is what I’ve come to know that means:


When someone inhales the aroma, it instantly bypasses any possibility of mental judgement by flowing thru the sinuses directly  into the brain and pineal gland causing an opening that allows more Light than usual to flow in, enhancing and enlivening aspects of this person's life that anyone outside of they themselves wouldn't understand. It's not something you have to think about, understand or believe in, it happens organically; which is the innate genius of it.


Neurologically, lavender affects the human body by causing it to relax and soften. A relaxed body improves brain function and the emotional respite turns into a feeling of peace. The Azeztulite enlivening process increases the positive affect that lavender naturally has on the nervous system.


Whether through short term or long term use, I've personally experienced the effects and watched them in people dear to me. Life becoming more ease-filled and opening up in unexpected ways.

Our lavender, essential oil and hydrosol are truly something that's available nowhere else on Earth!

It’s Spring of 2023 and as we look forward to our 7th harvest, here’s a final bit of magic:


I was looking through the Heaven and Earth website recently and for the first time ever, saw this photo. While the stones in my original dream were larger and covered most of his hands, this looks exactly like the stones from my dream.

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