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What People Are Saying

A Few Reviews

“I have purchased quite a few lavender items from Triskele, and they are nothing short of amazing. The pure, unadulterated scent is just that - pure. It is the most aromatic lavender I have ever smelled. I purchased several gift boxes for Christmas and everyone loved them. I also have their rollers, mist, and drops for myself - and use the drops in my diffuser, especially before bedtime to help me sleep. Thank you Triskele!”
-  Ro H

"The essential oil is like walking through a lavender field still damp from rain..."

“Absolutely the best lavender oil and spray I’ve used. It’s fresh and delicious smelling. I love using the oil on wool dryer balls. If you have to do laundry it should feel this good! And a few spritzes of the spray on my pillow at night is beyond calming. It’s magical for a good night's sleep. Of all the lavender I’ve tried this is without question the most enlivening!”

- April G.

“Very pleased I purchased from Triskele. Beautiful soothing fragrant products! Packaging was also beautiful which was great since I was buying some as gifts. My personal favorite items are the hydrosol mists, which I keep in all my bedrooms to spritz on the linens. I also use it as a bedtime face mist. The Royal Velvet Roll-on is the best, I keep it in my purse to use when stressed!  Especially when driving, I actually roll it under my nose.  It works!”  

- MJinLA 

"Seriously the best lavender oil I've ever tried. It is fresh and soothing and the aroma does not fade. I spritz it on my pillows EVERY night, and pack the roll-ons when I travel. The hydrosol mist is a must-have for my office. I hope the gift boxes return soon as everyone I've given them to has raved about the lavender and how beautiful the packaging is." 

- Cindy W 

“I absolutely love my lavender essential oil roll-on. I use it on my wrists, along with spraying the hydrosol mist on my pillow, every night to help me sink into sleep. The aroma truly relaxes and calms me down. I also use the essential oil in my diffuser to enrich my meditation practice. If you haven’t read the story about how the lavender is “enlivened”, you should check it out on their website. You can feel the difference. I can’t recommend these products enough!”

- Jennifer D.

“Triskele is the best best best Lavender I have ever used.  I sleep better, feel better and use it with the groups that I facilitate as well, to bring calm and focus to the room. Brilliant products and for me a must have!” 

- Jennifer Hough,President,

“Having witnessed this dream take shape and form, there was no doubt in my mind that the founders were being guided by spirit, intuition and intention. I believe the purity of Triskele Organics lavender is a direct reflection of their desire to create products that bless, uplift and promote a sense of well being. In addition to using the oils, I keep a platter of buds by my front door and rub them between my fingertips to release the oils. I take a deep breath and head out into the world.  LOVE IT!”

-  Athena Demetrios, Author, Walking Between Worlds 

"I met Steffny at Mount Shasta back in 2018 and was blown away by the journey of her lavender fields, her relationship with the Azeztulite and the crystalline alchemical quality of her products. I immediately ordered a good quantity to tide me over in the UK. Now nearly 5 years later, I was SO happy to uncover a little bit left over in my mums' possession. Its scent is still bright, potent and stands out at a higher octave from all other lavenders I have met.”
-  Charmain W

"What a delight, I found the perfect gift!  When I was thinking of a gift for someone special, the lavender fields on Running Springs Ranch came to mind. I had no idea of the treasures being created on that hillside of brilliant color. I was soon amazed with the unbelievable scent of lavender and the delightful selection of lavender gifts! The Grosso and Royal Velvet lavender oils, mists, crystal roll-ons, fragrant buds and bundles of flowers… Triskele Organics at Running Springs Ranch has been a gift to me as well as to my special friends.”
- Cindy Lindgren, Broker,


"I am a big believer in the power of scent to change my mood.  I am a perfume addict and wear some kind of scent every day, and I try to keep my house and my shop filled with wonderful smells. Sometimes smokey, sometimes sweet.  But very often my nose gets tired of all those smells and I crave something just absolutely fresh, clean and natural.  That is when I use my lavender from Triskele. The essential oil is like walking through a lavender field still damp from rain - the scent cuts through all the ordinary odors of daily life with a beam of clarity. These oils have a purity that I have not found in any other brand of lavender, and since I know the grower, I know the lavender is infused with her grace and attention. I put a little drop on all my bath towels to enliven my shower time, and when i get a slight headache, rub a bit into my temples.  I am instantly refreshed.”-  Wendy Addison, Theatre of

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