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Enlivening is what we call the work we do in our lavender fields with Azeztulite crystals. These crystals and the beings of Light associated with them are energizing (enlivening) the lavender plants and thus the oils and hydrosols. With our focus on opening to, allowing and accessing the higher levels of consciousness available to us all in the realms of Light, the plants are infused with an unusually high efficacy and intense aroma.


Our lavender fields are located at 2,300’ above sea level. Lavender grown at higher altitude naturally produces more linalool, a component of essential oil found to reduce stress and improve sleep.


Rare and special, our pure lavender oils* are distilled from high altitude organic lavender flowers which are harvested by hand and grown in the first county in the United States to ban the cultivation of GMOs.


Our lavender hydrosol mists have only two incredible ingredients: organic lavender and pure mountain spring water. A simple combination that is true to our cultivation and processing standards, as well as our goal to produce and offer only high-efficacy products.

* Research has indicated that more than 80% of lavender oils labeled as "pure essential oil" are in fact adulterated with synthetic oils or transporters. Source: Malle & Schmickl 2012

The advantage of Enlivening & high altitude organic cultivation.
Organically grown in the northern coast range of Mendocino County, California


Azeztulite crystals and their connection to the beings of Light who infuse them with a perfecting vibration of enlivening are a gift of the highest order for which we are deeply grateful. This focused, high-consciousness energy infuses the earth and atmosphere here at Running Springs Ranch and life thrives.

We couple this incredible gift with a constant awareness of being in partnership with Nature and allowing all of this to guide our work.

A Few Reviews

I am a big believer in the power of scent to change my mood. When I crave something just absolutely fresh, clean and natural,  I use my lavender from Triskele. The essential oil is like walking through a lavender field still damp from rain - the scent cuts through all the ordinary odors of daily life with a beam of clarity. These oils have a purity that I have not found in any other brand of lavender, and since I know the grower, I know the lavender is infused with her grace and attention. I put a little drop on all my bath towels to enliven my shower time, and when i get a slight headache, rub a bit into my temples.  I am instantly refreshed.

Jennifer Hough, President
The Wide Awakening

Triskele is the best best best Lavender I have ever used.  I sleep better, feel better and use it with the groups that I facilitate as well, to bring calm and focus to the room. Brilliant products and for me a must have!

Athena Demetrios, Author,
Walking Between Worlds

Having witnessed this dream take shape and form, there was no doubt in my mind that the founders were being guided by spirit, intuition and intention. I believe the purity of Triskele Organics lavender is a direct reflection of their desire to create products that bless, uplift and promote a sense of well being. In addition to using the oils, I keep a platter of buds by my front door and rub them between my fingertips to release the oils. I take a deep breath and head out into the world.  LOVE IT!

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